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The Creation of Flowers - Eric Edelman

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The Creation of Flowers Digital Art





Tags: flowers, language of flowers, rainbow, digital collage, vintage, woodcuts, metaphysical, visionary, surrealism, surrealist, max ernst, collage, wood engravings, engravings, old-fashioned, dream, visions, fantastic, fantasy, symbolism, wilfred s�tty, satty, mythological, mythic, mythology, cosmic, cosmos, metaphor, metaphorical, jungian, archetype, archetypal, steampunk, science fiction, fable, fabulous, phantasmagorical, magical, magic realism, montage, phantasmagoria, new age, chicago school, fluxus, juxtapositions, object lessons, magic, metamorphosis, tom tit, 1850s, 1850\'s, 1860s, 1860\'s, 1870s, 1870\'s, 1880s, 1880\'s, 1890s, 1890\'s, 1900s, 1900\'s, 1910s, 1910\'s, 1920s, 1920\'s, world war i, gay nineties, victorian, second industrial revolution, mauve decade, gilded age, aughts, naughts, roaring twenties, jazz age, golden twenties, classic, classical, excellent, mature, old, prime, rare, ripe, select, selected, venerable, time-honored, line engraving, mezzotint engraving, stipple engraving, engraving, impression, imprint, inscription, mezzotint, photoengraving, photogravure, print, reproduction, rotogravure, transferring, composition, collection, creation, abstract composition, found art, photomontage, assortment, collage, collection, compilation, copy, hodgepodge, imitation, mishmosh, paste-up, patchwork, potpourri, reappropriation, reproduction, synthesis, assemblage, montage, victorian art, symbol, symbolism, unusual, surrealistic, strange, surreal, abstract, photomanipulation, age-old, constant, continuing, enduring, established, experienced, familiar, firm, hardened, inveterate, lifelong, long-lasting, long-lived, of long standing, perennial, perpetual, practiced, skilled, solid, staying, steady, time-honored, versed, veteran, antique, bygone, not current, not modern, of old, of olden days, of the old school, of the old school, old, old-fangled, old-hat, old-time, olden, oldfangled, out of it, out of style, out, out-of-date, out-of-style, outdated, outmoded, outworn, passe, pass�, past, primitive, rococo, superannuated, unfashionable, unstylish, new

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NEW YORK, NY - United States

Thanks very much, Therese!

Beirut, M - Lebanon

Hi Eric, "The Creation of Flowers" is Another Artwork I like it so Much, your Gallery is something Different, Very Special !!!!!!!!!!

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The Creation of Flowers


Eric Edelman


Digital Art - Digital Collage

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6.500 x 7.000 inches

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Truth is a flower in whose neighbourhood others must wither. -- E.M. Forster
(All artwork created and copyright by Eric Edelman. All rights reserved.)


August 4th, 2010


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